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7 benefits of electric shading

Are you considering electric shading for your home or workplace? Are you fascinated by motorized blinds and shades etc. but not quite sure what all the benefits are? If so, read on. Many homeowners, tenants

10 benefits and options with integrated blinds

Integrated blinds are becoming more and more popular. This development is largely due to the many benefits and opportunities offered by integrated blinds. This blog describes 10 benefits you can achieve with integrated blinds.

Benefits of wooden blinds in the kitchen

Real wood blinds bring a number of benefits to the kitchen. Nearly 180 degrees of rotation means light control is more precise than any other blind, perfect for sunny mornings. The rotating slats can also

The history of the curtain

The history of the curtain is older than the window! And of course, that’s because curtains are curtains. For example, they could cover the entrance to a home or a room before windows even existed.

Solar shading measurement guide

Measuring for solar shading should be a breeze. That’s why we’ve created a simple guide for you to follow. This guide applies to measuring for all classic indoor solutions including pleated blinds, duo, Venetian blinds

5 benefits of wooden blinds

Blinds have the ability to completely change the mood of a room. Wooden bl inds have been a popular choice for decades due to their aesthetic, versatility and practical benefits. This sleek, robust, always stylish

The story of the blind

Have you ever wondered why one of the most commonly used interior sunscreens has the rather odd name “Venetian blind”? The blind originates from Persia It sounds French, but the word also tells us that

GUIDE: Where to use integrated blinds

An overview of where you can use integrated blinds A home or commercial building has many areas inside and outside where you can use integrated blinds. An integrated roller blind is a metal blind that

Light up with daylight

Evenly distributed sunlight increases wellbeing and productivity Natural light, when well distributed and managed, creates a more relaxing space, reduces eye strain, stimulates the circadian rhythm and increases wellbeing and productivity. By changing the angle

Interior solar shading and indoor climate

Interior sun protection Most people love sun and light. But we want to decide where, when and how much sun and light we want.   In our latitudes, bright rooms are preferred in the home,

Integrated blinds for commercial and public buildings

Integrated blinds for commercial buildings public buildings are a practical and elegant solar shading solution for businesses, municipalities and more. Integrated blinds give businesses and public institutions more benefits Windows with built-in blinds are the

Exterior sun protection

There is a wide range of products available for outdoor shading. The most commonly known are awnings and shutters, but there are many more options. Some are more visible and prominent than others. Of all

How much do integrated blinds cost?

How much do integrated blinds for bi-fold doors, French doors or windows cost? The price you pay for these blinds depends on the color, sizes and whether you choose the manual, magnetic or fully electric

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