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Service and support for window blinds

We provide service and support for Hagen, Orion Shade, Orion Systems, Orshade, Screenline, Kapella, ShadowWindows® and more.


Service page
Service page
Service page
Service page
Service page

Global service partner for window blinds

ShadowWindows® is your global service partner for window blinds. We service and support blinds – both old and new electric blinds and pleated blinds – on ShadowWindows®, Hagen, Orion Shade, Screenline, Orion Systems, Kapella and more.

We provide expert service and support for
venetian blinds
all over the world.

  • ShadowWindows® is the exclusive rights holder for the production of ShadowWindows®, Hagen, Orion Shade, Orion Systems, and Kapella products.
  • We can supply spare parts and components for newer and most older systems.
  • ShadowWindows® sells and services most interior, exterior and integrated solar shading solutions including Screenline and

  • ShadowWindows® offers on-site service agreement on all blind solutions and remote service with super easy and advanced software solutions.
  • ShadowWindows® provides solutions to extend your current solar shading solution.

Upgrade your service agreement with ShadowLink® remote service and save time and money on maintaining your blinds

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Consulting, service and sales. Send us an email or arrange a no-obligation chat with us and make use of our expertise in integrated solar shading.

Expert service of your blinds

Below you can click/tap on the pluses and read more about our service and support for window blinds with our competencies, what solutions we can offer, the benefits of a service agreement and how we work.

At ShadowWindows®, we are experts in servicing and repairing blinds with new and old systems. With hundreds of service jobs in Denmark and across Europe, we have a wealth of experience and are not afraid to call ourselves the best in the market.

We service and repair everything from hospitals and municipal buildings to businesses, educational institutions and more. We can deliver everything for the total solution, so you as a customer only need to coordinate and contract with one supplier. And we service all jobs, no matter the size of the job.

As we all know, prevention is always cheaper than cure. This also applies to window blinds. That’s why we recommend a service agreement, because regular servicing of your blinds will save you money and extend the lifespan of your system. With service, you can prevent system failures from becoming large and costly.

Easy and advanced remote service
When you sign a service agreement, we will make a year-long service visit to your premises. In addition, you can extend your service agreement by taking out a
remote service agreement
which gives you a great financial benefit. With new software solutions, we monitor your installations. It’s a super easy and advanced high-level service where we can see all the information about your individual blinds. Therefore, we can quickly correct technical errors etc. through our software program.   

We have software for all installations from the manufacturers and are constantly improving software for better performance and ease of use.

The typical faults we encounter are blinds, e.g. where the raising machine or blind print is defective and faults where the electronics are defective.

Blind failure
In case of blind failure, we can repair the parts that are located on the outside of the window. This applies to the blind print / motorized blind that protects the blind, where we can easily replace the unit.

Electronic errors
We have most types of electronics. Therefore, in 99 percent of cases, we can repair electronic defects in the form of new original electronics or by repairing the existing electronics in our own low-current electronics workshop.

We can usually fix electronic faults and damage on the first visit with our equipment in the service van or we can quickly retrieve the necessary parts from our spare parts warehouse.

Replacing blind windows
We can always supply new blinds that fit into existing sizes. However, some older panes are made so large that we do not recommend making similar panes today. Instead, we divide them into smaller panes for better performance and longer durability.

New window blinds take from 4-12 weeks to deliver, depending on the brand and seasonal period. We can deliver blinds for new projects quickly, down to 3 weeks on a rush program.

We make it a point to thoroughly explain our work to our customers and how we will solve your service task. We do this either by personal viewing or based on a description via phone or email. Communication depends entirely on your needs as a customer.

Our typical approach to the task is to first get an overview of the scope of the problem. When we visit an installation for the first time, we document which components, glazing and other items have been used. Here we often mark them with a label to make troubleshooting easier. Typically, the first visit is up to a full day, where we fix as many errors and problems as possible and then agree on the next steps with the customer.

Service page

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