Electric blinds are smart, functional and offer a stylish design 

Roller blinds are one of the most popular products for office environments and interior design. With its versatility, elegance and clean style, an electric roller blind allows you to functionally and design-wise complement any room in your workplace or home.

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With our roller blinds you can play with light and shadow. This way you can create the perfect atmosphere in every room of the house and in the workplace. You can choose from different types of fabric, each with its own character and structure.

For example, you can choose a blackout fabric for your meeting room or bedroom to block outside light. For the office or living room, you can choose a semi-transparent curtain fabric that provides privacy and visibility and creates a cozy indoor atmosphere.

When choosing a roller blind, you should focus on five main points:

  • The design and style of the room
  • Roller blind with or without motor
  • Blackout or light transmission
  • Properties, structure and quality of the blind
  • Color(s) of the blind

Table of contents

How can we help you?

If you have questions about choosing a roller blind, our products or anything else, you can make use of our expert advice without any obligation.

On this page you can find useful information about roller blinds. You can also go directly to the webshop and see our roller blinds.

Suggestions for consideration

Roller blinds with useful properties

The versatility of roller blinds is expressed through the many properties of the different fabric materials. Here are some examples of a number of features that are important to consider before buying electric blinds for your workplace or home:

Roller blinds with different light gradients

Complements office spaces and private homes, for example, and adds character to the whole. Light gradients provide a filtered light that allows you to enjoy perfect brightness while ensuring a private space.

Blackout roller blind

A perfect choice of electric roller blind in office buildings for blackout of meeting rooms, e.g. for project presentations. In addition, blackout is ideal for the bedroom, where total darkness improves your sleep.

Roller blinds with fire retardant material

Increases fire safety in the workplace and at home. Roller blinds with fire retardant material can withstand very high heat, preventing and reducing the extent of a fire.

Roller blinds with sound-absorbing material

Reduces the reverberation of sound in indoor spaces. This makes this blind ideal for creating a comfortable atmosphere and a sense of well-being, reducing fatigue and stress and improving productivity.

Waterproof roller blinds

Ideal in rooms where water is used. Especially bathrooms and laundry rooms are exposed to high levels of moisture, which is why waterproof roller blinds are by far the best solution to avoid rot and mold in the curtain.

Heat reflective roller blinds

The reflective textiles from the combination of cotton and metallized surface give a unique property to the blind by protecting against incoming solar heat, thus avoiding overheating of the rooms.

Electric Roller Blind


Benefits of electric roller blinds

In the webshop you can also choose whether you want a blind with or without a motor.

With a motorized electric roller blind, you can operate the blind more flexibly with a remote control, and the motor in our roller blinds is particularly quiet and has optimal braking power to keep even large blinds in the position you want.

If you don’t want an electric blind, you can also choose one (without a motor) with a cord pull.

In addition, you can choose whether the motor or manual cord pull should be placed to the left or right of the blind.

This way, the function adapts to the room and furniture layout.

Customize your roller blinds with the features and functions you want to match the different rooms in your workplace or home.


Intelligent and flexible control of your electric curtains

With a motor, you get a roller blind with intelligent and smart operation with great comfort and flexibility. For example, you can remotely control your blinds by installing a SMART HOME app on your smartphone. If the weather changes while you’re at work and the sun wants to overheat your living room, the app lets you roll down your curtain to ensure a comfortable temperature in your home.

You can also program fixed times so that, for example, the curtains are rolled down in the windows of your office building at the time of day when the sun’s rays provide too much light and heat in the office.

Elektrisk rullegardin mørklægning
Electric Roller Blind

Control the heat with SMART HOME

SMART HOME can be used to promote energy saving. With SMART HOME, you can take advantage of the blind’s heat-regulating properties so your home doesn’t use unnecessary energy. If the weather changes and the temperature drops outside when you’re on vacation or when people aren’t at work, for example, you can retain the heat in your home and office building much better.

At the same time, you can harness the sun’s heat when it’s needed. This results in a reduction in heating bills and more climate-friendly homes and buildings.

In addition to controlling your blinds with the SMART HOME app, you can also choose a remote control, a wall switch or an automation solution such as a timer or a sensor.

Original design

Always original and specially developed products


We produce your blinds the way you ordered them


Modern European design, colors, patterns and textures


Our roller blinds last for many years

Quality guarantee

We give you a quality guarantee so you can feel confident in your purchase

Elektrisk rullegardin er holdbart

An electric roller blind is extremely durable

The blind is extremely durable and stays in good shape for a long time. An electric roller blind also contributes to a longer lifespan because a motorized roller blind is more gentle when rolling the blind up and down.

At the same time, the materials used make the blind more durable than a regular blind, and most blinds have a dirt-repellent surface.

In addition, roller blinds are usually treated to be resistant to UV rays, which protects them from wearing out or fading.

Colors, texture and design

Designs and colors for electric roller blinds

Along with the choice of functional properties, you can add your personal touch with the design and colors of your roller blinds for the workplace and home.

With a wide variety of different patterns, fabric textures and modern colors, you can complement the style and design of your rooms and enhance the working environment and well-being of your home. Here, the roller blind as a sun shade offers many options with minimalist, classic or industrial designs.

If you’re going for a cool, modern look, choose fresh whites, creams or soft grays that can easily blend with your other colors.
interior design. If you’re looking to create a little more energy like in an office or kitchen, something bolder like a yellow or striking blue will do the job.

In our webshop, you can design roller blinds with the colors and textures you want and choose roller blind fabrics according to the properties that are suitable for e.g. offices and meeting rooms or the different rooms in your home.

Design og farver til elektrisk rullegardin
Opmåling af elektrisk rullegardin

Made-to-measure roller blinds

Custom dimensions for the best solar shading

You always get the best results by buying
a made-to-measure electric roller blind
that matches the sizes of the windows and doors in your workplace or home.

This ensures optimal sun protection that doesn’t leave gaps. At the same time, you achieve better indoor temperature control and thus greater energy optimization.

At ShadowWindows, all our roller blinds are made to measure, so you always get the best solution.

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