Curtains for slanted windows provide perfect light control

Sloped windows provide optimal light in the home and workplace. If you live in a house, apartment or work in a building with sloping windows and skylights, there is a wide range of options for buying the perfect solar shading.

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You can get curtains for slanted windows with different properties and variations to control light and block out sunlight according to your needs. At the same time, you can get solar shading in timeless designs with beautiful colors that perfectly match the size of your slanted windows.

Table of contents

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Gardiner til skråvinduer - Velux

Functionality of the curtain

Check the temperature in rooms with slanted windows

When choosing the best solar shading solution for your sloping windows, it’s important to focus on the functionality of the curtain. Because in addition to supporting interior design and light control, there are also functional benefits.

One of the most important functions is the control of cold and heat. Because slanted windows and skylights add extra cold and heat to the room. That’s why it’s especially important to choose curtains for sloping windows and skylights that keep the heat out during the day/summer and in at night/winter. This way, you can control the cold and heat conditions with your solar shading and ensure a comfortable temperature all year round.

info about curtains for slanted windows

Curtains for slanted windows are available as roller blinds, pleated and venetian blinds

Curtains for sloping windows are available as roller blinds and pleated curtains with light-dimming effect, blackout and as energy-efficient blinds and shades. The different types of curtains allow you to control the light in different ways, so you can choose the right solution to match the individual room and your needs.

Gardiner til skråvinduer - Velux

Roller blind with light-dimming effect

creates a soft and comfortable light in the room, blocking out light better than a regular pleated curtain, while still remaining transparent. The curtain is suitable for living rooms, offices and playrooms, and generally for rooms where you want to dim the light and prevent outside views.

Roller blind with blackout

is especially suitable for bedrooms, but also for rooms where you want total darkness, such as meeting rooms where projects are used for presentations etc.

Roller blinds for slanted windows are available with side rails to further protect the room from sunlight.

Pleated blind with light-dimming effect

with its transparent effect, allows you to control the daylight in your room and create colorful and unique lighting effects. The curtain can be placed anywhere on the window as it is not locked at the top or bottom (manual only), making it ideal for living or dining areas.

Venetian blind with blackout and energy optimization

can both darken and improve insulation in the room. It provides an elegant combination of the classic pleated blind with an efficient internal aluminum coating. The pleated blind retains heat well in winter and the stepless track system allows for flexible positioning in the window.

Venetian blinds

for sloped windows gives you full control over daylight and privacy. The blind is an ideal solution for rooms where you need to adjust the direction and amount of sunlight. Since the slats are made of aluminum, they are very easy to clean and are perfect for rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

2-in-1 duo curtain

is a smart and flexible hybrid solution that combines a blackout blind and a transparent pleated blind.

The blackout curtain keeps out the amount of light you want, while the sheer pleated curtain controls the amount of light you let into the room.

advantages of GARDIN WITH MOTOR

Electrically operate your curtains for slanted windows

Slanted windows are often up high and can therefore be difficult to reach physically. Here it is a great advantage to operate your sun protection electrically. But even if you can reach your tilt and turn windows and operate them manually, there are a number of benefits to having motorized controls fitted to your tilt and turn curtains.

With motor control, you can control your sun protection using a switch on the wall, via remote control, tablet or smartphone (Smart Home) and by automatic control via a temperature sensor at your window. This gives you an intelligent solution with great comfort and flexibility, where you can automatically and electronically control light, room temperature, etc. with local and remote control.

Gardiner til skråvinduer - Velux
Gardiner til skråvinduer - Velux

Curtains for slanted windows from Velux

The best-selling tilt and turn windows and skylights are Velux. If you have one or more Velux windows and want to buy solar shading, simply find the window’s type number and size number,
which is located on top of the top frame of the window
. You use the type and size when you order your Velux curtains in the webshop.

With Velux solar shading for sloped windows, you avoid measuring, aligning or cutting. The different types of sun protection are designed with a perfect fit and are easy to install.

Plus, you can choose from a range of modern and classic colors to support your interior design style. You can also choose between white or brushed aluminum side rails.

Operating tools

Manual, electric motor or solar powered operation of your Velux curtains?

Velux curtains can be operated manually, electrically or solar powered. As described above, there are several advantages to operating solar shading with an electric motor.

Manual operation is the classic control for roller blinds, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds and duo blinds. When choosing between the different control options, you need to consider your needs. If you only have one or two slanted windows to operate, the manual solution could be the right choice. However, if there are multiple slanted windows that need to be controlled or if the windows are so high that you can’t reach them from floor level, a motorized or solar-powered solution may be the best option.

Curtains for slanted windows
Gardiner til skråvinduer - Velux

Solar-powered operation is the green solution where you can roll up and down with the sun as your energy source. With a simple touch of the remote control, the curtains open or close. The batteries in the window are charged by the sun and the energy is stored, which means the curtains work even when the sun isn’t shining. This means that with a solar-powered curtain, you don’t have to run electrical wires up to your sloped window or skylight. At the same time, installation is straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

Solar-powered operation is approximately DKK 1000-1500 more expensive to buy per window than an electric motor – depending on the size. In return, you save on your electricity bill, which in the long run makes the solar-powered solution cheaper than the motorized one.

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