Electric blinds are flexible and provide effective solar shading

The Venetian blind is the classic choice of curtain for windows and doors

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Electric blinds combine a modern clean design and support a sleek graphic decor. It's also important that your choice of blinds matches the mood and decor of your office space or living room.

At the same time, electric blinds offer high functionality and effective sun protection. With its flexible properties, blinds give you full control over the amount of light. By simply rotating the slats manually or electronically, the shade can be controlled and can vary the incidence of light to perfectly match or completely block out sunlight and the outside world. Thus, electric blinds, with their various properties, can both look good and serve a practical purpose, making them suitable for both office buildings and your private home.

Table of contents

How can we help you?

If you have questions about choosing blinds or our other products, you can make use of our no-obligation expert advice.

On this page you can gain useful knowledge about blinds. You can also go directly to the webshop and see our blinds.

Benefits of electric blinds

Intelligent solution

With electric blinds, you get an intelligent solution that only needs to be installed once. A solution where your blinds are automatically adjusted to your exact preferences for light and heat. This way you don’t have to manually tilt and roll your blinds and turn the lights on and off several times a day.

High security

With electric blinds, you’ll have greater security in your home or workplace. By programming the blinds with SMART HOME to automatically have different settings during the day when you are on vacation, for example, it looks like you are at home. This, along with other measures around your home, will give you greater security and prevent break-ins when you’re not at home.

Energy savings

Electric blinds are more energy efficient through the thermal effect of the blind. With the SMART HOME app, you can ensure that your home doesn’t use unnecessary energy when you’re not at home. With the app, you can take action in changing weather conditions, where you can open or close the blinds in relation to cold and heat. This way, you can ensure a more consistent temperature in your home without the use of air conditioning and other energy sources.

Electric blinds with aluminum slats

The most commonly used blind slats are aluminum and wood, which are available in many colors and finishes.

Aluminum blinds provide a simple and timeless look and are the preferred choice of blinds in Danish homes and workplaces. Large selection of blinds. They come in many variations with different sizes, colors and finishes (including matte, gloss and perforated). home.

Therefore, it’s possible to find multiple aluminium blinds that match your specific requirements for your workplace or home.

At the same time, electric blinds have an insulating effect. This is achieved by turning the hollow sides of the slats inwards in winter, allowing warm air to flow into the room. In summer, the hollow sides of the slats should face outwards so that warm air flows upwards.

Elektriske persienner
Electric venetian blinds

Electric blinds with wooden slats

The most commonly used blind slats are aluminum and wood, which are available in many colors and finishes.

Available in a variety of colors and textures, wood blinds provide a more luxurious look with its elegant stylishness. At the same time, the
functional and robust with a long lifespan

In addition, wooden blinds provide excellent insulation due to the natural material, keeping the heat out in the summer and keeping the room pleasantly cool. In winter, closing the wooden blinds reduces heat loss and provides more warmth in the room.

Blinds with and without motor

Electric blinds are controlled by a motor. With a motor, you can operate the blind more flexibly with a remote control, and the motor in our electric blinds is particularly quiet and has optimal braking power, so you can achieve the light you want.

You can also choose a classic blind without a motor with a cord pull and operating rod.

you can choose whether you want motorized or corded blinds, and you can decide whether the motor or cord should be placed to the right or left of the blind.

When you select the control device and location, you can see what it looks like. This way, the function is adapted to the room and furniture layout.

Electric venetian blinds
Electric venetian blinds

Cleaning traditional blinds

The biggest problem with blinds is cleaning. With many slats collecting dust and dirt, it’s a challenge in both office buildings and homes. But cleaning can be optimized by using a vacuum cleaner with the right nozzle or, alternatively, a blind brush made for the purpose.

However, the blinds should also
should also be washed with a wet cloth or wet wipes
every now and then.

Cleaning also depends on whether the blinds are aluminum or wooden. If you don’t clean them properly, your wooden blinds will be damaged by stains, water damage, etc. on the slats. So tread carefully when cleaning wooden blinds. They don’t tolerate too much water and are highly sensitive to detergents.

That’s why you should use clean water without detergents. Fortunately, wooden blinds don’t need to be washed often.

With aluminum blinds, you can use water and detergents without any problems. To do this, you can click the blind off the hanger and rinse under the shower. It’s a good idea to start from the top to push the dust down onto the slats that haven’t been cleaned yet.

Eliminate the need to clean your blinds with an integrated solution

If you want a blind solution for your workplace or home that saves you from spending resources on cleaning, here’s the solution
built-in blinds in windows and glass doors

With integrated blinds you avoid dirty blinds, dust and allergy nuisances. In addition, built-in blinds have a very long durability.

Cafe med persienner

Custom sizes for the best solar shading for windows

You always get the best results by buying
sun protection to the exact measurements
that match the sizes of the windows and doors in your workplace or home. This ensures optimal sun protection that doesn’t leave gaps.

At ShadowWindows, all our blinds are made to measure, so you always get the best solution. You can buy blinds up to 3 meters in height and width in the webshop. If you want blinds longer than 3 meters, we can do that too. Here you need to contact us by email:

In addition, you have the option to choose from four different widths of aluminum slats. They are available in 15, 25, 35, and 50 millimeters in a variety of colors and in matte, gloss and perforated finishes. The wood slats are available in three different sizes: 25, 50 and 65 millimeters, in a variety of colors and several textures.

The size of the slats you should choose depends on the size of the individual window and door. In other words, the smaller the window or door, the narrower the slats will fit best.

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