Electric shading makes smart buildings more climate-friendly and energy-efficient

The homes and buildings of the future are intelligent. In fact, they are already here, ensuring that homes and buildings are significantly more energy efficient and create a healthier indoor environment.

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The homes and buildings of the future are intelligent. In fact, they are already here, ensuring that homes and buildings are significantly more energy efficient and create a healthier indoor environment. This can be increased by the use of electric shading, among other things. It makes smart buildings greener and more climate-friendly. And with energy consumption in buildings accounting for almost 40% of the total energy consumption in Denmark, there is a huge need for a boom in smart homes and buildings.

Automatic control lowers energy consumption and increases comfort

In smart buildings, smart sensor and software solutions automatically control and manage the consumption of light, water, heat and air circulation, etc. Similarly, the technology makes theft and fire alarms, among other things, more intelligent.

So instead of the ventilation or air conditioning running at full blast all day in a business building, or the lights being on even though the sun brings in enough light from outside, smart solutions mean that energy is only used when it’s needed.

How does a smart building work?

A smart building makes use of IoT (Internet of Things) via the sensors integrated in the building and exchanges information over the internet. The sensors measure temperature, CO2 level, light, number of people in the room, etc. To do this, a smart building uses an open protocol so that all equipment and devices speak the same language and can exchange information.

It’s all connected in an iBMS (intelligent Building Management System), where the intelligent software monitors and analyzes all data, ensuring you have an overview and insight into the building. This ensures that the system performs optimally and achieves the best results.

Electric shading makes your building smarter and greener

In the smart building electric solar shading also plays an important and intelligent role in saving energy and creating greater comfort, with a better and healthier indoor climate.

Electric blinds, roller blinds and integrated blinds play an important role in reducing energy consumption and balancing the building’s various intelligent solutions. Here it is important that the sun protection is of good quality and has good thermal properties, and that the sun protection be measured and fit precisely to the individual window and door to achieve the optimal effect.

By integrating electric solar shading into an intelligent system along with other smart features in a building, you not only achieve more efficient control of lighting, heating and ventilation, but also significant savings on energy consumption. This is done through a user-friendly interface that allows remote control via devices such as phones or computers.

The sophisticated combination of software and sensor control in electric shading ensures that energy costs are kept to a minimum. For example, solar shading can automatically adapt to changes in ambient light conditions, effectively preventing excessive use of heating or air conditioning. This intelligent approach not only emphasizes sustainability, but also contributes to financial responsibility by optimizing the building’s energy efficiency in a user-friendly way.

So with smart solutions for your solar shading, the automatic functions can reduce energy consumption while minimizing heat loss in winter and keeping heat out when the sun heats up the building in hot summers – without the need for power-hungry air conditioning. This transforms your home or workplace into a significantly more sustainable and climate-friendly building.

Smart buildings have many benefits

The benefits of smart buildings are many. Users benefit from both increased comfort and a more pleasant indoor climate. There are benefits for the operator, who through access to data can plan better and have the ability to continuously optimize and adapt resource consumption and maintenance, etc.

There are benefits for the building owner, who has a building with increased value, satisfied users, optimal operations and a green profile. There are benefits for society as a whole, achieving a greener country with lower CO2 emissions. And in the overall picture of benefits, less energy consumption and a better climate, intelligent solar shading is an important piece.

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