Total responsibility for project sales of solar shading

We advise you from start to finish and ensure you get the right solar shading solution that meets your needs for new builds and renovations.

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ShadowWindows® is your local service partner for window blinds

We provide expert service and support for blinds and other solar shading solutions. We deliver it all in one solution.

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Integral blinds are smart and energy efficient

With built-in blinds, you get long-lasting, cleaning-free blinds and lower energy bills for private, public and domestic buildings.

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Electric blinds are functional and offer a stylish design

With its diverse features and elegant style, the roller blind complements any room, at work or at home.

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Electric venetian blinds provide flexible solar shading

With their flexibility and effective shading, electric blinds are perfect for varying the light in your office and home.

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A new generation of the best quality solar shading

ShadowWindows® offers the best quality solar shading for your business, public institution or private residence. With sleek modern designs, our products support your interior design style in any room and in a variety of colors.

High-tech materials with functional properties

With roller blinds and Venetian blinds in high-tech materials, you get perfect sun protection with useful and functional properties. Features such as optimized lighting and sound in rooms that create comfort and a calm atmosphere – tailored to your needs.


How can we help you?

Contact our service team for questions or consultation

Take advantage of our expert advice, no-obligation product advice and guidance for a specific project. Since 2017, we’ve helped thousands of businesses, public institutions, homeowners, architects, factories, glass and construction professionals.

Lyst soveværelse med persienneruder

Built-in blinds are The future of solar shading

The Crystal line is an innovative and functional range of venetian blinds characterized by durability and aesthetics. Our integrated blinds are a real revolution in the world of double glazing, offering different levels of solar control and creating a high level of comfort. At the same time blinds between glass are a climate-friendly solution with increased energy efficiency, and the hermetically sealed glass makes the blinds maintenance-free, eliminating dust and dirt, which improves hygiene.

We service most blind systems, including Hagen blinds, and we can supply spare parts and components for newer and most older systems.

Danish and Italian design and quality

Our modern designs are produced with the highest quality, high-tech materials. It gives rooms a clean and elegant look and optimizes light, sound and temperature, among other things.

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Electronic control is easy and flexible

You can choose between manual and electronic sun protection. The electronic solutions make it easy to control the lighting in the rooms with precision and simplicity.

You can control your blinds and shades electronically, directly in your office or home, or remotely through an app that gives you great flexibility in controlling the temperature.

Solar shading with significant reduction in energy costs

The high quality materials and innovative manufacturing also help to regulate the temperature indoors.

With a unique insulating effect, cold and heat are kept out, ensuring a comfortable temperature all year round, providing both a climate benefit and a significant reduction in heating and electricity costs.

Combined with the long lifespan of our products, investing in high-quality solar shading gives you a tangible financial return.

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Made to your dimensions and material requirements


Danish Supplier of Quality


Automatic control

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Stylish Design


Electric blinds provide flexible solar shading

With their flexibility and effective shading, electric blinds are perfect for varying the light in your office and home.

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