Windows with built-in blinds are modern, climate-friendly and dust and dirt free

Windows with built-in blinds provide excellent, high-quality solar shading for your workplace and home.

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Windows with built-in blinds have many benefits

The blinds are integrated into advanced double glazing and are permanently sealed between the glass on double or triple glazed units. They also fit all doors (including sliding and folding doors) and windows in aluminum, the latest hybrid glass systems, PVCu and wood. And they’re ideal for both small and large windows and doors. Your windows with built-in blinds, which are also available with pleated blinds offer a range of benefits for your office building and home. They are practical, aesthetic and more climate-friendly.
  • The hermetic seal and overall glass unit construction means the blinds are maintenance-free and never collect dust or get dirty.
  • The sealing of the blinds means they are maximally protected and gives them a very long lifespan.
  • With blinds built into the glass, you avoid them blowing in the wind with twisting and tangled cords and any risk of damage to pets or children.
  • Aluminum doors and windows are becoming sleeker and more modern than ever before. That’s why integrated glass curtains give you privacy and shade without hiding the aesthetics or color of your new windows.
  • Windows with built-in blinds improve the thermal performance of your already energy-efficient glass units .

Table of contents

How can we help you?

If you have questions about choosing windows and doors with built-in blinds or our other products, you can make use of our no-obligation expert advice.

On this page you can gain useful knowledge about built-in blinds. You can also go directly to the webshop and see our built-in blinds.

A child of many names

Integrated blinds built into a glass unit are also referred to by other names:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Glass blinds
  • Built-in blinds
  • Sealed blinds

The protection of the blinds between the glasses also means a long lifespan. The blinds are free from damage from pets, tampering by children or twisting from drafts.

A child of many names

Integrated blinds built into a glass unit are also referred to by other names:

  • Integral blinds

  • Glass blinds

  • Built-in blinds

  • Sealed blinds

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Vinduer med indbyggede persienner

Ideal shielding for many different glass units

Any modern window, door or screen with a minimum 24 mm pane cavity will harmonize with built-in blinds. So in addition to regular windows and doors, integrated blinds are also ideal for screening in many other types of glass units.

These include bi-folding and sliding doors, front doors, French windows, large panoramic windows, for office partitions, commercial glazing and in fire-rated and acoustic glass.

Venetian blinds with an angular shape

It’s popular to have office buildings and the like with glass facades and homes with large expanses of glass. It also features architectural glass solutions that go all the way up to the ceiling and gable. It brings more natural light to your office space or living room and creates a brighter environment. However, it is often a challenge to ensure good shading to control sunlight in the glazed areas, which are often high and angular in shape.

To solve this challenge, you can get angular shaped blinds to create the perfect electric shade. It’s a solution that matches the shape of the windows, and the motorized blinds make it easy and seamless to control sunlight in the high windows.

Vinduer med indbyggede persienner - kantet facon


Operation of integrated blinds

There are several ways to operate integrated blinds. The integrated blind is available in both manual and motorized versions.

The most common are:

  • Management board
  • Magnetically controlled
  • Automatically
  • Electronic
  • Sensor-controlled allows them to open and close as the ambient light changes
  • Infrared, radio frequency and blinds as part of an automated home system are also available.

The motor can either be battery-powered or connected to the building’s mains. Battery-powered integrated blinds are operated from a battery module on the surface of the glass.

Motorized integrated blinds can be operated with a remote control (supplied as standard) and from a control box in the room.

Vinduer med indbyggede persienner
Vinduer med indbyggede persienner

A long-term blind solution

Investing in windows with built-in blinds is a long-term blind solution. When the glass units with blinds fit into your doors, you can’t change them like you can with regular blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds.

So if you don’t like the blinds in the future, replace the entire glass unit, as the double glazing with integrated blinds is hermetically sealed. Therefore, you should carefully consider the pros and cons before choosing an integrated blind solution. 

Things to know about windows with built-in blinds


The blind and the double glazing are one object

In the event of an integrated blind failure, the entire glass unit must be replaced. Furthermore, all double glazing today is hermetically sealed under factory-controlled conditions. Therefore, you cannot disassemble the sealed unit at any potential failure to repair the blind and then reassemble it.


Buy with great guarantees

It's important that windows with built-in blinds come from specialized glass companies. Each manufacturer offers their own warranty. For example, a general 10-year warranty on your door or window installation may not also mean 10 years on your blinds. Therefore, when buying windows with integrated blinds, make sure you check the available warranty.


Careful operation is required with built-in blinds

Although these double glazing units with integrated blinds are highly reliable products, they also require careful operation. Use caution when operating manual blinds with a cord, wand or magnet. Excessive force can damage the blind. Remember that you cannot access the blind in the unlikely event of twisting or another fault. Never attempt to repair double glazing with integrated blinds, as this will void the warranty.


Pay attention to color matching

The powder coating process of aluminum doors and windows will also apply to the aluminum frame that houses the blinds. That's why it's important to find out if your blinds and door frames match in color. Door and window materials and integrated blind components are not often painted by the same company. Although color matching with integrated blinds is excellent, you may not get an exact color match. Our article on the powder coating process and what you need to consider explains more.

Integral blinds


Quality is everything

Buy the best quality product. It's important to choose a supplier that provides a reliable and trustworthy brand of windows with built-in blinds, we have experience with customers who have been unhappy with their supplier in the past, and we always make sure the solution is future-proofed and engineered to your specific requirements.

High quality and service

With windows with built-in blinds, you get a product of the highest quality. For example, we have some of the best folding doors on the market. Prices for integrated blinds depend on the size of the glass and the glass types. Contact us to for pricing on new doors or windows with integrated blinds. We also provide a high level of service on repair and maintenance on our products.
Integral blinds

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