How can blinds integrated into window glass benefit your home?

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Every homeowner uses their property in different ways, and every home is unique. But many houses, whether new builds or older properties, have rooms that could benefit from more light. As a result, the homeowner is often left with the dilemma of balancing the need for natural light against the need for privacy.

Blinds integrated into glass can be the solution

Natural light is an obvious benefit to any room, but depending on the purpose of the room, privacy may be needed. There can be different reasons for keeping a room private, so while different types of rooms need light when they are in use, it may also be necessary to keep the rooms and their contents shielded from outside view.
Windows with built-in blinds can be installed on most modern windows. There are magnetic systems that offer a wide range of options for controlling light and shading.

Examples of rooms where you want both light and privacy

Integrated blinds for utility rooms.

Many homes have utility rooms or similar areas adjacent to the kitchen. These spaces are often part of the focal point of the home. Here you can wash and dry clothes, put muddy boots and drain rainwear.
There’s often glass in a utility room door, so especially at night you need to screen it from view. For a door or window, you might have a curtain or blind.
But dust settles on the fabric curtain, and if there is humidity in the room, the dirt will stick. The same goes for a blind, which may also rattle when someone passes through the room.
Integrated blinds fitted between double glazing in doors or windows in this type of room are an ideal solution that eliminates many problems with fabric or regular blinds.

Blinds between glass in kitchens and family rooms

The kitchen is the central room of the home and is used in many different ways. It’s not just about cooking and perhaps eating daily meals, but also family fun, homework, feeding pets, children’s play and much more. All these activities lead to wear and tear and dirt.
Many kitchens are also positioned to be visible from the street or parking lot, especially when it’s dark outside, and modern kitchens and family rooms often have glass doors as well as windows.
If you have regular blinds or perhaps curtains in these rooms, they will suffer and age much faster than they would in a bedroom or study. Built-in – also known as integrated – blinds are an ideal option. They avoid wear and tear and constant cleaning; they keep the room private when needed, but allow light to enter.

Integrated blinds for workshops and garages

Many suburban homes have garages with doors and windows to the side or back.
If you use your garage or spare room as a workshop, home office or perhaps for a classic car or motorcycle you’re restoring, you’ll obviously want light when using the space, but privacy to keep your belongings safe.
This is another area where integrated blinds can help. If your workshop or garage has windows, a glass door or even an integrated sliding door is a great solution.
Although more expensive than an external blind, it can prove to be a more economical and reliable solution.
Integrated blinds can be preferable to many DIY products that are designed to provide privacy but simply don’t last as long or look as good. This can be solar film or frosted film, for example.

Can you install integrated blinds on existing doors and windows?

Bi-fold doors are a product that can be enhanced with integrated blinds sealed in the unit. Folding doors, French doors or any PVCu, metal or wooden door can be enhanced by adding blinds between the glass panes.
First, consider the age of your windows and doors. If you have products that are over 10 years old, it’s worth seeking advice from a specialist, such as a manufacturer of integrated blinds or a reputable installation company that offers double glazing maintenance. In most cases, it will be possible to replace your existing double glazing with new glass with integrated blinds.
Normally these should be fitted with either a 24mm or 28mm unit, and if there’s room for these dimensions, there’s no reason why your glass shouldn’t be interchangeable.

Key benefits of blinds and curtains integrated between the glass in windows and doors

Here are the key points and benefits of integrated glass curtains.

  • They can work with electric, magnetic, automatic or even solar control
  • Integrated blinds don’t need cleaning – they are protected from dirt and moisture
  • Glass blinds can be installed on most existing doors and windows
  • Integrated blinds for a stylish look
  • They are available in a wide range of colors and options.
  • They can help keep your house bright when open and safe when closed

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