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Evenly distributed sunlight increases wellbeing and productivity

Natural light, when well distributed and managed, creates a more relaxing space, reduces eye strain, stimulates the circadian rhythm and increases wellbeing and productivity.

By changing the angle at which the blind tilts, our solutions allow the sunlight in the room to spread evenly. This means that not only are you avoiding glare, you’re also taking advantage of daylight to brighten up your rooms.

If you direct the natural light from outside towards the ceiling using the blind, you have a chandelier of sunlight that evenly illuminates the entire room. You save on artificial lighting and improve the comfort of your home.

What does natural light do for you?

You feel better
When natural light is well distributed and controlled, it puts less strain on the eyes, helps to create a good circadian rhythm and thus increases positivity and productivity. The room simply becomes more relaxing.

Energy and environment
By making better use of natural light, you can save on artificial lighting. And of course, it’s both cheaper and better for the environment.

Property value increases
With a building where sunlight is utilized efficiently and smartly, the economic value is higher than in buildings that use more energy on lighting.

Indoor climate improves
Mold has poorer growth conditions in natural light than in artificial light, keeping building interiors healthier and safer.

Turn down the artificial light

Businesses, people and institutions today expect buildings to have a smaller environmental impact than in the past. Therefore, architects and designers must think in terms of innovation and efficiency when creating solutions around natural light versus artificial. These forward-thinking and modern solutions take into account both human well-being and the optimal use of energy sources.

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