Questions about motorized integrated blinds and how they work

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Motorized integrated blinds make it easy to raise, lower and tilt the unit without manual operation of corded or magnetically controlled blinds.
For large spans of glazing, rows of double or sliding doors and even high-level windows, a motorized electric roller blind can be practical and a great showpiece for a new installation. We answer some common questions about motorized integrated blinds.

What motors do motorized integrated blinds have?

A quality motorized integrated blind will have a quiet motor. The MB system even has a plug-in diagnostics function. In the unlikely event that motorized integrated blinds don’t work, it’s easy to identify the cause and source of the failure.

Are motorized integrated blinds quiet?

A high-quality motorized integrated blind should have a brushless motor that is much quieter than the previous generation of blind motor systems. The effect of a quieter engine is less friction, less wear and tear and therefore greater reliability.
Many quality integrated blinds have had their motors subjected to intensive cycle testing. Again using the leading Screenline Integral Blind from Morley Glass as an example, the motor has been tested at the internationally recognized IFT Rosenheim Institute in Germany. There, the engine underwent cycle testing and exceeded more than 60,000 cycles.

How do motorized multi-panel blinds work together?

A bi-fold door is an excellent example of a door with two to six or even seven panels. It is up to the customer whether all blinds in all panels work together or independently.
With a motorized integrated roller shutter, the motors can be programmed to run at the desired speed. Typically in a bifold, the homeowner wants to see the blinds raise and lower in a synchronized manner.

What methods are there to operate motorized integrated blinds?

There are three main ways you can choose to run motorized integrated blinds, although other options are also available.

  • Hardwired to the mains.
  • Remote control operation.
  • Solar powered.

There are even options to connect integrated blinds to the latest home automation systems.

How are motorized integrated blinds delivered?

For ease of installation, expect the integrated blind to have a pre-mounted control box for easy installation. This allows only a single wire from the blinds to be connected to the property. Therefore, complications with the installation can be avoided. Advice should always be sought from a qualified electrician.
Motorized integrated blinds come with all product features, such as color options, as well as glass units from 28 mm thickness and above, including triple glazing.

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