Installation af solafskærmende glas

Suppliers of elegant and energy-saving solar shading of the highest quality

ShadowWindows® ambition and mission is to be leading suppliers of elegant and energy-saving solar shading of the highest quality for businesses, public institutions and private individuals.

Our vision is to always deliver quality products where design, materials and functionality match your individual requirements, needs and color preferences.

ShadowWindows® has a sharp focus on delivering innovative solar shading to you. We will always offer roller blinds , blinds , pleated blinds and integrated blinds which are easy to adjust and easy to clean.

Vision om energibesparende solafskærmning i den bedste kvalitet


ShadowWindows® will continue to push the boundaries of a comfortable indoor working and living environment.

We will also improve the energy efficiency of all new builds and building renovations to improve the energy efficiency and economy of the building.

About ShadowWindows


ShadowWindows® uses the best sub-components from recognized manufacturers in production in a highly automated production environment.

All ShadowWindows® electronics production is done in ISO certified factories.



At ShadowWindows®, quality and reliability are paramount.

100 percent quality control is performed on all ShadowWindows® products and solutions.

Innovative solar shading with intelligent solutions

We provide smart solutions where elegant design, automatic functions and material properties ensure the best overall solution for private homes, public and commercial buildings. With the combination of smart solutions and solar shading that fits the exact dimensions of your windows and doors you get the optimal solar shading and energy savings. At the same time, it optimizes comfort indoors during the summer months by controlling the temperature via your sun shading and thus avoiding overheating from the sun. Similarly, heat outflow is minimized in the winter months with roll-down and closed sun shading, which ensures a warm environment. unnecessary heat loss. With our intelligent solar shading, you as a business, public institution or private homeowner can also ensure privacy and discretion after dark. This can be automatically secured via a twilight sensor or time management to keep the view of activity and expensive equipment etc. away from prying eyes.
Soveværelse med vindue med persienner
elegant og energibesparende solafskærmning

More than 30 years of experience with integrated blind solutions

ShadowWindows® are particular experts in integrated solar shading that also provides energy savings for all types in all types of buildings. We are a full-service provider both before procurement and during the lifetime of the solution. ShadowWindows® delivers high-quality products to customers across Europe and is a fast-growing, ambitious and international Danish brand. Our modern technology has a solid position in the market, which is increased through market consolidation acquisitions. ShadowWindows® will continually push the boundaries of a comfortable indoor working and living environment while reducing energy consumption by 10-15% in all new construction and building renovations, proactively using the energy and rhythm of nature to improve the energy efficiency and economy of the building. This means that unnecessary heat is not “let in” only to be cooled by air conditioning/cooling, and that heat is not unnecessarily “let out” when visibility is not required.

Learn more about elegant and energy-saving solar shading on this page

As a supplier of stylish and energy-saving solar shading, we always strive to provide a great experience for our customers and website visitors. Around our website you can read about benefits and gain more useful knowledge about solar shading and what suits your needs. You can also visit our webshop and put together the roller blind, Venetian blind or pleated blind that matches your wishes and needs. On the webshop you can also read more about our integrated blind solutions. You are always welcome to contact us and get answers from our professional advisors.
elegant og energibesparende solafskærmning i den bedste kvalitet

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