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Blinds between glass come in all the major materials. In addition to aluminum windows, PVCu, wood and even composite hybrid windows all fit any of the integrated blind systems on the market. Integrated blinds offer many advantages over conventional curtains and blinds. We explain everything you need to know when buying new windows with blinds between the panes.

Information about integrated blinds

First and foremost, buying windows with built-in blinds for any window means getting in touch with a reputable window and door supplier. Virtually all integrated blind systems reach the homeowner through a network of home improvement companies and window installers. Few integrated blind manufacturers deliver directly to the end user, as they are higher up the supply chain than double glazing manufacturers.

Therefore, if you need a price for built-in blinds for all windows as well as doors, you need a price for the windows at the same time.

Aluminum, as well as PVCu and wooden windows, all use the same integrated blinds. The determining factor in whether a new or replacement window is suitable for integrated blinds is the pane cavity, as well as the thickness of the sealed unit it accepts. Most modern windows with built-in blinds come with a 24 mm or 28 mm pane cavity for double glazing. Triple glazing also fits integrated blinds that have a deeper cavity – typically 32 mm or more.

When you order your new windows, the window manufacturer will provide your installer with the glass production sizes. These sizes form the basis of the order to the integral curtain manufacturers. Your integrated blinds come in these sizes. When your window supplier receives the glass with blinds, he will glaze them into your new windows on your property as part of the overall installation.

Many PVCu and wooden windows are factory glazed. Where you need these types of windows with built-in blinds, your window supplier will either supply the units to the manufacturer or the manufacturer will deal directly with a supplier of integrated blinds.

Are integrated blinds worth it?

They are when you buy one of the good systems on the market. Pellini Screenline blinds are probably the best known, although there are other brands from Israel, China and Europe. It’s worth looking into pricing, quality and overall customer reviews. Overall, integrated blinds provide an excellent solution to aftermarket blinds and shades.

Can integrated blinds be installed on existing windows?
Provided your PVCu, aluminum or wooden windows are relatively new with a minimum glass unit of 24 mm, ideally 28 mm, it should be possible to retrofit integrated blinds. Instead of turning to a double glazing company, you’re better off finding a local double glazing repair and maintenance company that specializes in new glass and window repairs. Unlike double glazing dealers, they are more likely to offer the retrofit service and be willing to work on windows they don’t fit.

The biggest challenge of replacing existing windows with built-in blinds is the complexity of removing the old units and replacing them with new ones. Keep in mind that you cannot fit integrated blinds to existing glass – entire glass units must be replaced.

The benefits of buying windows with integrated blinds

One of the main benefits of buying windows with built-in blinds is less wear and tear. The blind is permanently sealed in the double glazing. That’s why they never need cleaning, they don’t collect dust and the blinds remain protected. There is no risk of damage from wind, children, pets or general wear and tear from being exposed to the internal environment of a home.

Another benefit of integrated blinds staying clean and dust-free means a longer lifespan compared to aftermarket fabric, plastic or wooden blinds.

The glass that comes with modern windows and doors already has an excellent specification. As standard, most windows today come with quality glass, with a soft, low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacers and argon gas filling. Doors also have the same specification with the glass always tempered or laminated safety glass. The result of this great specification is excellent energy efficiency. However, when you fit an integrated roller blind between the glass, the performance of the unit is further improved.

Integrated blinds sit very neatly in the glass and also offer excellent privacy with fewer gaps compared to cheaper wooden, metal or plastic horizontal blinds. As with any other blind, they tilt as well as raise and lower.

Finally, the manually operated blind often comes with a simple magnetic control or electric option. This makes windows with built-in blinds a safer product compared to dangling cords. There’s even an integrated solar collector option that opens and closes the blinds as the daylight changes.

What to consider when buying blinds between glass?

A primary consideration when buying windows with integrated blinds (Venetian blinds) is that the blind is part of the glass unit. This is a permanent fixture. That’s why we suggest you visit a showroom and see what full-size windows with blinds look like. Only by looking at a product can you decide if windows with built-in blinds are right for you.

Furthermore, all integrated blinds need a perimeter frame to accommodate the mechanisms of the blind system. Therefore, windows with integrated blinds have less visible glass than standard glass. Every integrated blind is different. Some have very visible raised and stacked blinds, others less visible. You should expect to see a thick line of sight at the top of the units with the blind raised.

Despite the reduced glass sizes, the benefit is no new curtains or blinds. Plus, many modern aluminum windows and doors are sleek, modern and highly attractive products. Therefore, where aftermarket curtains and blinds hide your windows, integrated blinds let you enjoy the fine lines and colors of your new windows and doors while enjoying the privacy and shade of closed blinds.

Get a quote for integrated blinds

To find out how much windows with built-in blinds cost, it requires additional and necessary information such as:

    • your window sizes
    • blind colors
    • preferred blind control
    • details regarding the window frames.

    Only then can you get an accurate quote for your home improvement project.

    Finally, there are even options for those windows with integrated blinds that need repair.

    Contact us to get a price for your windows.

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