ShadowLink® - monitoring and remote servicing of blinds

ShadowLink® is a unique online service that automatically controls all your integrated blinds 24/7 all year round through monitoring and remote servicing of blinds. ShadowLink® registers all technical control signals that are continuously coming from the controllers that control each individual blind in your blind system.

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That’s why we can proactively and accurately identify the problem for you and rectify any issues as quickly as possible. We can monitor and remotely service all your blind units, whether your setup consists of a few window and door blinds or hundreds.

ShadowLink® is part of the ShadowWindows® service package for blinds


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Send an email or get a call from an expert

Are you interested in making a service agreement incl. ShadowLink® remote service or would you like to know more about our intelligent monitoring and remote service? Send us an email or schedule a no-obligation chat with our experts.


Remote service maximizes uptime and minimizes costs

With ShadowLink® remote service, you can solve most technical issues very quickly. This minimizes blind downtime, which significantly reduces the time a blind is not in operation for building users. Our particular strength is that we have developed advanced software for most types of installations produced over time and from 3rd party manufacturers.

In addition, an agreement can include us maintaining and improving your management software on an ongoing basis, ensuring stability and functionality. At the same time, new features are built into the ShadowWindows app, where it is also possible to control the connected blinds from your smartphone.

3 wins with ShadowLink®. 

ShadowLink® makes your smart integrated blinds smarter, saving you time and money:

  1. Operation and maintenance costs are minimized as most troubleshooting tasks that used to require transportation to your building to investigate the faults can now be done remotely.
  2. The ShadowWindows service center downloads updated software for your individual blinds as needed, without being physically present at your location. This saves both CO2 and your service costs.
  3. With our 24/7, year-round monitoring, technical faults are detected and fixed much faster than with physical service. This prevents potentially costly repairs.

High service and fast response time to technical faults

ShadowLink® is an automated service of your electric shading system, controlled by a service engineer at the ShadowWindows® Service Center.

Our Service Center is staffed by skilled and dedicated service professionals with a combined 30 years of experience. We won’t make any changes without first analyzing the problem and agreeing on the changes with you.

We solve problems in existing installations and deliver a high level of service. With ShadowLink®, this service can now be further automated to check that your integrated blinds are working properly. The frequency of our monitoring and how quickly we rectify the fault depends on the response time you choose in the service agreement we enter into.

ShadowLink® saves you time and money

With our 24/7 monitoring and fast response time, you don’t have to worry about the operation of your integrated blinds. Because with ShadowLink® on your electric shading system, you don’t have to spend time and energy calling for service – we know what you need before you do.

At the same time, a ShadowLink® gives you the financial benefit of lower maintenance costs, as most technical faults can be fixed remotely. In addition, some repairs can be avoided because we detect problems early.


ShadowLink® and BMS make your building operations smarter and more sustainable

With the combination of ShadowLink® and Building Management System (BMS) integration, you can also optimize the control of your building’s automatic shading system. This means that heat loss can be minimized in the winter, and heat is kept out when the sun heats the building in the hot summers – without the need for power-hungry air conditioning. In doing so, you create a significantly more sustainable and climate-friendly building.

With ShadowLink®, we can make your smart building even smarter. By integrating ShadowLink® with other automated solutions in a building control interface such as lighting, heating and fire protection control, a weather station on the building and the position of the sun can be included in the intelligent control.

What you get with ShadowLink® in your service agreement


  • We provide ShadowLink® connection box with connection to our service cloud as part of the service agreement
  • You get remote monitoring and, if needed, remote maintenance of your solar shading, e.g. integrated blinds
  • You get fast and professional reactive and proactive response
  • You get a solution where you can have software updates installed without having to physically visit the building
  • You get an individual agreement on the level of service you receive
  • You have access to our hotline

Maintenance and new features in the software being developed are paid for via a software maintenance agreement where everyone contributes. If you don’t sign an ongoing agreement, there will be a separate payment for the new software when the need arises.


  • Access to a dedicated service manager
  • Daily system monitoring (optional)
  • Status follow-up and progress report (optional)
  • Technical helpdesk / user support
  • Technical hotline for product and software specialist
  • On-site troubleshooting and repair
  • Systematic on-site preventive maintenance
  • Software maintenance agreement – keeps the software “young”
  • On-site training and instruction
  • Interface monitoring – BMS
  • Spare parts program – for
    your exact spare parts and windows (optional)
  • Optional warranty extension on electronics (optional)

Our responsibility

  • The blinds
  • Electric motor
  • Motor controller
  • Blind power cable where communication with the blind happens
  • Blind actuator (group of 8 controllers)
  • Communication between actuators
  • Wireless receivers and transmitters
  • Wireless weather station
  • Wireless temperature sensor
  • 3G/4G internet connection with ShadowLink® connection box

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