7 benefits of electric shading

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Are you considering electric shading for your home or workplace? Are you fascinated by motorized blinds and shades etc. but not quite sure what all the benefits are? If so, read on.

Many homeowners, tenants and workplaces considering motorized solar shading for windows and doors are very interested in the electric solution, but aren’t quite sure if it’s the right investment.

Here we review 7 of the biggest benefits associated with electric blinds, shades and more. to help you make an informed decision about the benefits you can expect from your motorized sun protection.

The 7 benefits of electric shading are:
– Convenience
– Security and freedom without cords and wires
– Create a smarter home and workplace
– Greater energy efficiency
– Burglary prevention
– Optimize space in your home and workplace
– Protect your furniture, floors and art

1. Electric shading is convenient

It’s hard to rank the benefits of electric shading. But if we had to pick one benefit that unites almost all motorized solutions, it would be the convenience factor.

In recent years, advances in home and workplace automation have become even smarter and more intuitive. You can buy a robot to wash and vacuum your floors and mow your lawn, tell your dishwasher to start washing, for example, at night while you sleep, and even program your thermostat to keep your home or offices at an ideal temperature. You can also integrate this automation into everyday life at home or at work with electric sun protection.

Motorizing your sun protection allows you to automate a repetitive task that makes everyday life easier because, for example, sometimes the blinds are in hard-to-reach areas and there are a lot of them. Here, electric shading is the key to comfort and efficiency in your home and workplace.

Your motorized blinds or shades etc. allows you to adjust your window and door shades at the touch of a button, on location and remotely. Use one remote or smart device to control all your shades, or schedule your adjustments to happen automatically throughout the day and night.

2. Safety and freedom without cords and wires

Many electrical devices today are cordless. Your cordless vacuum cleaner prevents tangled cords and tripping hazards, while your cordless mouse provides more efficiency and comfort while working. Most motorized blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds etc. is also cordless. But corded and cordless solutions offer much more than just convenience.

The cords used to operate traditional solar shading solutions can be a hazard to children and pets. They seem like fun toys when in reality they are choking and suffocation hazards. 100% cord and chain-free, your motorized blinds are the safe and convenient solution for all members of your family, both two-legged and four-legged. The cordless curtain solution also means there are no gaps in the shade, which optimizes your control of sunlight.

3. Create a smarter home and workplace

With more smart automation solutions, it’s likely that you already have a voice assistant, smart thermostat, smart fridge or other connected devices in your home and workplace. Motorized blinds and curtain solutions can also interact with other smart products, creating easy automation and making your home and workplace smarter and more efficient.

No matter where you are on the smart home spectrum, from beginner to tech wizard, there’s a smart solution for your needs. Motorized blinds, roller blinds and window blinds etc. is perfect for updating your home or office building, and you can easily and effortlessly control and set up your automatic sun protection via your smartphone, remote control, sensors and more. And with the sensitive and quiet motors, you also achieve precise and perfect light settings in your rooms.

4. Greater energy efficiency

If you’re interested in maximizing the energy efficiency of your home or office building, investing in electric solar shading is the right place to start. Opening and closing your solar shading is about much more than just blocking or letting light into a room. By setting your blinds or shades correctly according to the season and time of day, you can realize real savings when your energy bill arrives. How do you do it?

When the sun is beating down on a beautiful summer day, your energy bills will skyrocket if you run your air conditioner or fan at full blast while letting the sunshine pour into your home or office. Here you should wisely use your solar shading to keep the rooms comfortable so you don’t spend money on air conditioning etc. Conversely, in winter you can use the heat from the sun to warm your home and retain heat when the sun goes down.

Your electric solar shading provides a quick and convenient way to save energy and money while creating a more comfortable indoor environment. And even better if you use a sensor or timer with your electric blinds or roller blinds etc. With them, you can automate your curtain solution to do all this for you, so you don’t even have to think about it.

7 benefits of electric shading
Solar shading offers big savings on your energy bill

5. Burglary prevention

When you leave town for vacation or a long weekend, do you stop the morning paper delivery or ask a neighbor to pick it up? If you do, you probably realize you’re taking simple but important steps to make your home a little safer. The same applies to companies that have light sensors on their premises, for example.

With electric shading, you can increase security and prevent break-ins. When something about your home and workplace changes, whether it’s a light or the shade setting on your windows and doors, it can make it look like someone has been home recently.

When you’re away, you can change the setting of your sun protection via a timer or change the position from your smart device, for example, a couple of times a week. For example, using app control, you can set your electric shades when you’re on vacation to the same routine as everyday, so the curtains move throughout the day to keep your home or workplace safe.

6. Optimize space in your home and workplace

Electric shading doesn’t create more square meters. But it can make every space more usable and flexible in your home and workplace. A living room that doubles as a home theater. A bedroom that is light-proof at night, but lets the sun come in just in time to wake you up gently. Or solar shading that acts as a room divider in the workplace, where the open office environment creates private spaces in seconds, etc.

Outdoors, you can also create great shading solutions with motorized shades. Motorized pergolas and awnings are great ways to maximize the comfort and usability of your patio, etc. With pergolas, you can use the remote control or your smart device to quickly and easily let the sun into your patio with the motorized slats when you want to sunbathe, and block the sun when you want a comfortable, shaded area, for example at lunchtime. Relaxing in the garden has never been so good.

7. Protect your furniture, floors and art

An additional benefit that motorized blinds can provide is better protection of furniture, floors and valuable art from harmful sunlight.

When the sun streams through the windows and doors of your home or workplace, it provides lovely, warm sunlight. But over time, the bright sunlight can wash out all the vibrant colors in its path. While you certainly don’t want your living room or office to be a dark cave, lowering your blinds during the brightest part of the day can extend the life of your furniture, carpets and even your wall paint. Sentimental family photos will also be protected from accidental aging.

That’s why solar shading is essential to protect the interior of your home and workplace from sun damage. But many neglect to change the setting of their shades and take the position of the sun into account. This is typically because it requires repetitive manual actions and requires you to be on site to do it. Electric sun protection automatically takes care of these challenges and is your perfect tool when it comes to protecting furniture and valuables from sun damage.

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Now you have a good understanding of the benefits you can get when installing electric blinds and shades in your home, outdoors or at your workplace.

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