Slatted pergola provides elegant sun protection for your terrace

ShadowWindows® slatted pergola is the perfect integration of sun protection on the terrace or similar. The pergola is a modern, elegant and lightweight construction made of strong and maintenance-free materials.

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ShadowWindows®. The slatted pergola is the most revolutionary and innovative, fully automatic sun protection for your patio and more. made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel. It consists of 4 open posts and a slatted roof.

The pergola roof consists of slats that tilt electronically and rotate from 0 to 135 degrees, so you can constantly control the temperature, ventilation and intensity of sunlight and precipitation. The innovative solutions for modern and multifunctional outdoor space, perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Table of contents

How can we help you?

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On this page you can find useful information about slatted pergolas. You can also go directly to the webshop to view our slatted pergolas.

Pergola med lameller

Smart management of your pergola with slats

With the remote control or a smartphone/tablet, you can easily control the motorized slats and quickly let the sun in on the terrace when sunbathing and shut out the sun when it’s lunchtime, for example.

The remote control or smartphone/tablet also controls the pavilion’s built-in LED lights that run along the outer edge of the roof. This gives you good cozy lighting in the evening. And with the integrated Bluetooth audio system with two speakers, you can enjoy good music in a festive setting. With the addition of a heater, you can use your remote or smart control to keep you warm on chilly evenings.

From outdoor pergola to indoor pavilion

Slatted pergolas also allow you to switch yours from an outdoor pergola to an indoor pavilion. With an optional sliding glass panel system, you can quickly and easily transform your patio cover from an outdoor structure with sun protection to an indoor space with unobstructed panoramic views.

This means you get more comfort and more options. For example, when the weather is bad, for dining and on cool summer evenings, the glass screen is perfect. You and your guests will surely appreciate the extra shelter and warmth the glass sliding panels provide.

Pergola med lameller - Win Climatic
Pergola with slats

Unique water drainage system ensures perfect discharge

The unique slatted pergola is both UV-resistant and waterproof. Thus, the ShadowWindows® pergola with slats also protects against rain. Each slatted pergola is equipped with a unique and innovative water drainage system. The pergola’s roof has built-in gutters that direct water to the four posts when it rains. From here, the rainwater is led directly down so that water doesn’t accumulate on the roof. Here the system allows you to choose whether the water should be discharged at the bottom or the sides.

Bends placed in the posts ensure tightness and eliminate all leaks. The system consists of integrated drainage funnels that allow water drainage up to 8 gutters. All elements are designed specifically for non-invasive installation, so no glue or screws are needed, allowing for easier maintenance and installation.

The degrees of rotation of the blades

Pergola with slats

Solid and safe construction

Pergola with slats

Innovative water discharge system

Pergola with slats

Smart control

Pergola with slats

Sun, rain and wind protection

Pergola with slats

Integrated LED light

Pergola with slats

High durability and structural integrity

The pergola’s solid frame ensures very high durability and increased resistance to snow loads and wind pressure. Compared to other pergolas on the market, ShadowWindows® are much more solid and stable thanks to the use of extra reinforcing and stiffening layers. Reinforced parts are used in most profiles: plinths, louvers, gutters, support posts.

An integrated base and gutter in one profile offers many advantages during installation and use of the pergola. The base and gutter connection with the support post is made using hidden screws, which significantly speeds up installation and tightness of the joints.

Pergola med lameller
Pergola with slats

Installing a pergola with slats

Installing a slatted pergola correctly requires a great deal of technical knowledge. To achieve a pergola that is correctly installed, where the electronics are working and the joints are tight, everything from the foundation with the posts and slat installation to the installation of LED lights and technical equipment, etc. That’s why it’s necessary to have a professional installer for set-up and installation if you’re not a professional yourself.

But don’t worry – help is at hand. At ShadowWindows® we don’t just sell pergolas, we also install them. Once you’ve ordered your pergola and the parts arrive at your home or business, we’ll send our professionals to set up your pergola so it’s ready to use. In our webshop you can read and see the different colors and equipment you can choose and purchase for your pergola, as well as the price of installation.

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