Commercial, public and private solar shading project sales

Are you building a new home, remodeling, expanding or looking for new solar shading in your existing environment? ShadowWindows® offers project sales of solar shading, where we work as a subcontractor on your project.

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ShadowWindows® delivers wholesale or quotes you a 360-degree service project that includes installation, commissioning and servicing. We provide project sales of solar shading for
electric roller blinds
, blinds and integrated blinds and pleated blinds from a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers, where the common denominator is high-quality products and solutions.

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Send an email or get a call from an expert

Consulting, service and sales. Send us an email or arrange a no-obligation chat with us and make use of our expertise in integrated solar shading.

Table of contents

Send an email or get a call from an expert

Do you have a project or want to know more about what we can offer? Send us an email or arrange a no-obligation chat with our electric shading experts .

Project sales

360 degree service partner on project sales of solar shading

With ShadowWindows® as a 360-degree service partner of your design, together we can create an overview of how to optimize your building envelope.

Our projects typically start long before delivery begins and are built on a high level of professional expertise with efficient and accurate design.

We have extensive industry-specific experience, so you get expert advice that is always well-argued and qualified.

We advise you from A-Z throughout the project

We typically take a tour to clarify the objective and get an overview of the building where the solar shading is to be installed. We advise you from A to Z in all types and sizes of projects and identify issues to ensure you get the right products for a good and future-proof solution.

  • Get a competitive quote for a complete interior or exterior solar shading solution.
  • You will be visited by an experienced consultant who can advise you on windows, glass, solar shading, material selection, execution and installation.
  • We assist architects, builders, property management, building owners, homeowners, etc. This is regardless of whether the project involves 1, 100 or 1,000 windows.
Project sales
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Significant savings with energy renovation and optimal solar shading

During the design process, you also have the opportunity to energy retrofit your building, where the correct use of solar shading supports and improves your energy reduction.

With optimal solar shading, it is possible to avoid solar glare and regulate heat penetration into a building, thereby reducing the need for cooling and heating and the use of artificial light.

Analysis shows that businesses and public buildings can reduce their energy consumption by 10-14%. This results in significant savings on your energy bill, which alone pays for the investment.

Enjoy a good indoor climate all year round

With automatic control of your shading system, you can ensure a comfortable temperature all year round. In summer, the control consists of cooling the building, which is done by regulating the amount of solar heat entering the building.

In winter, it’s all about heating the building. This is achieved by allowing the sun’s natural heat to enter the building during the day and retaining heat at night with the insulating effect of solar shading in windows and doors.

Correct use of solar shading ensures an optimal indoor climate for employees and residents. ShadowWindows® is ready to advise you on how to create the best indoor climate all year round.

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Project sales

Contact us for a dialog about your project

Our advice is always based on the circumstances and scope of the project in question, as well as your wishes and needs.
Contact us for
for further dialog about your project.

  • ShadowWindows® has completed hundreds of solar shading projects.
  • We make deliveries on project sales of solar shading at home and abroad.
  • We always find the right solutions – even when it gets difficult. That’s why we have extensive experience in taking over projects that have become too difficult for others.

Get service and support for your blinds

ShadowWindows® provides expert service and support for your blinds. With a service agreement, we prevent and maintain your blinds, and through remote service, you get fast help with our super easy and advanced software solution.

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