10 benefits and options with integrated blinds

Integrated blinds are becoming more and more popular. This development is largely due to the many benefits and opportunities offered by integrated blinds. This blog describes 10 benefits you can achieve with integrated blinds.

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Blinds have been popular for many years for windows and glass doors. With its stylish and aesthetic look and various properties, blinds are both functional and support the interior design style of the room. These features provide both privacy and good, comfortable sunlight in the room.

More and more people are choosing integrated blinds

Integrated blinds have the same features plus a number of additional benefits. Instead of the blinds hanging freely behind the window or door, each window or door has an individual blind sealed inside the glass unit. Although blinds between glass are not a new concept, they are now gaining momentum and becoming one of the preferred solar shading solutions for homeowners, businesses and public institutions across the country.

The system in integrated blinds is typically operated by an electric motor or manual operation with a cord or ball chain, or a magnetic handle and a modern slider that opens and closes the blind. This means that the integrated blinds can be easily controlled without compromising the hermetic seal of the thermal pane.

Benefits of blinds in windows and doors

Integrated blinds have a number of benefits that offer more comfort, convenience, better control of sunlight and heat in the building, etc. Below you can read about 10 benefits and opportunities you can achieve with blinds in commercial, public and residential buildings.

1) Smart operation

Integrated blinds are easily operated with a switch, remote control, smartphone or sensor etc. This gives you freedom and comfort when operating your sun protection. You can control your blinds from your private sofa. It provides a special comfort for windows that sit high.

Similarly, controlling and adjusting the solar shading in your company’s windows via a smartphone or iPad increases comfort and efficiency. The more windows and doors that need to be operated in a building, the greater the benefit and comfort.

2) Integration in smart buildings

Just as blinds are becoming more and more popular, the number of intelligent buildings is also growing. In smart buildings, smart sensor and software solutions automatically control and manage the consumption of light, water, heat and air circulation, etc. Here, integrated blinds can be very advantageously integrated into the smart buildings’ BMS system, which optimizes the consumption of electricity, heat and water, creating a better indoor climate and making the building greener. In addition, integrated blinds are also available with solar cells.

3) Creates better indoor climate and energy efficiency

Whether your integrated blinds are part of a smart building or not, they make a significant contribution to improving indoor climate and increasing energy efficiency. With integrated blinds, the temperature in the room is optimized through proper adjustment of the blinds and the thermal effect of the glass. Here you can use sensors or fixed time settings to control the sunlight, keep the heat out in the summer and keep the heat in in the winter. This ensures both comfort in the rooms and avoids the use of power-hungry installations such as air conditioning.

4) High hygiene

With a secure encapsulation inside the thermal pane, the blinds will stay clean and moisture-free. In other words, they are free from dust, dirt and contact with the outside environment and everything that goes with it. This means they don’t get dusty, making them far more hygienic than traditional blinds placed outside. This makes your home healthier and the maintenance-free integrated blinds save you cleaning work.

5) Safety against damage

Integrated blinds are protected against tangled cords and damage to the blinds. Children and pets cannot stick their fingers and paws into the blinds and damage the controls, and cannot damage or get hurt by the cord pull. In addition, other items such as furniture, toys, etc. cannot hit and dent or crease the slats, and integrated blinds ensure that wind does not cause damage and filtration when windows and doors are open.

6) Reduce noise

Integrated blinds add an extra acoustic layer between your windows, reducing noise both inside the room and from outside. With the innovative development of integrated blinds, the distance between the glasses has become smaller, which increases noise reduction. In addition, the combination of glass and blinds further increases noise reduction, creating a calm and relaxing indoor environment.

Another noise factor that is eliminated with integrated blinds is the noise that regular blinds make when windows and doors are open in windy weather. Here they flutter in the wind, which creates noise, and the wind can also twist or break the blinds.

7) Increases the U-value of the glass

Integrated blinds help reduce solar glare and can increase the u-value of the glass, which is the window’s insulating properties. Here, three factors in addition to the blinds have an impact on the u-value of the glass. 1) Emission factor of the glass (the ability of the coating to reflect heat), 2) Air gap (the distance between the glasses) and 3) Gas filling and gas type. So with the right glass, spacing and gas type, combined with the integrated blinds, you’ll achieve higher insulation, energy efficiency and protection for fixtures like furniture and paintings.

Integral blinds

8) Better light control with side spacers

If you need to increase light control and have darkness in a room, side-spacers with two wings add a very low degree of light penetration to the integrated blinds. The side spacer ensures that the light that enters between the outer blinds and the inner window frame is blocked.

9) Window and door design

With the latest innovation, integrated blinds have taken on a more modern look with slimmer windows and doors. The linear design allows for better utilization of interior space and has improved visibility. The design creates greater convenience and is better able to support the interior design style of the rooms.

10) Sensible investment

Integrated blinds are a valuable, sensible and solid investment for both residential and commercial environments. Of course, budget is an important factor when it comes to shopping. But when you look at the pros and cons of integrated blinds, we think they’re a good investment overall. When used correctly, integrated blinds will last for many years, unlike standard curtains, blinds and roller blinds, which are replaced more frequently due to dirt and simple wear and tear in the home or office.

Integrated blinds simply have a somewhat longer lifespan and only need to be serviced if a fault occurs in the system. When weighed against the many benefits of integrated blinds, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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