Pleated blinds for sloped windows and roof glazing

For all sloped and horizontal windows, ShadowWindows® have a practical and elegant solution. The pleated blind can function as in vertical windows, helping both against blinding light and overheating. Our solution for sloped windows and roof glazing works at any angle from vertical to horizontal.

This is not a built-in solution like integrated blinds and pleated blinds, which are used in many building types, as well as for indoor screening in offices and modern homes.

Benefits of pleated blind solutions

  • Black side spacers with two wings give the solution a very low degree of light penetration
  • Pleated blinds for soft lighting in buildings
  • Pleated blind increases the reflective value of the thermal window
  • Pleated blinds are available in several different types and colors

Blind variants

  1. Raising and lowering ple ated blind (this is our standard pleated blind.
  2. Pleated blind with guide cords on the sides. This ensures that the blind runs optimally in windows that can be rotated 180 degrees. The guide cords hold the blind in place.
  3. Pleated blind that is attached at the bottom. Here there are visible lifting cords when the pleated blind is lowered.
  4. A pleated blind that can be controlled in both directions. For installation in sloping or horizontal roof windows and the like.

Pleated colors

Standard is aluminum coating on the outside and light gray on the inside. However, other colors are possible. However, be aware that there may be an unfavorable light coming through, as a colored pleated curtain can distort the color of the light.

Our Black-out pleated blind shuts out light 100%. Recommended for bedrooms, operating rooms and the like.

Operating methods

Manual operation
Cord puller (cord or ball)
Can be mounted on the window frame so visibility is not impaired or obstructed.

Motor control
24 volt DC motor

Built into the thermal pane. Raises and lowers the blind. Motorized pleated blinds can be controlled individually or in groups. All pleated blinds in a room can be controlled by the same switch. Groups are built electronically with a bus cable. The number of pleated blinds that are controlled together is determined in collaboration with the customer. Thus, there is no max. number of pleated blinds that can be operated with the same switch. Updating motorized blinds can be done on-site at the customer’s location or from the ShadowWindows office.

Other operating methods

Manually operated rocker switch
With cable connection to the system that raises and lowers pleated blinds individually or in groups.

Wireless manually operated rocker switch
Raises and lowers blinds individually or in groups. The range depends on the building structure (up to 50 m).

Timer control
Controls blinds in time intervals, e.g. closing blinds outside opening hours, weekends and holidays. Can prevent burglary and the like, as the building is closed off from view.

Weather station control
Blinds automatically adjust according to the position of the sun in the sky or the outside temperature e.g. the blinds can be lowered on the south/east side of the building in the morning to block the morning sun, and then the blinds will automatically adjust according to the position of the sun during the day.

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